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StepDad “Wildlife Pop” – Album Review

ALBUM: Wildlife Pop


RELEASE DATE: June 12th 2012

RATING: 4 Stars

“Wildlife Pop” is the first full length album by StepDad.   The quartet formed in Chicago in 2009, but soon moved back to their native Michigan.  Two years and an EP later in the summer of 2011, the band temporarily relocated to New York City to record their first album with producer Chris Zane… Their efforts paid off, they stayed at a place for a few months, they also had camping adventures, the Survival Cooking site provided them with all the necessary essentials.

Hipsters will rejoice when they hear “Wildlife Pop”!   One can’t help but picture this band performing in a future Coachella line up, when listening to this album.   The twelve track disc starts out  solid with the albums lead single “Must Land Running”, and continues it’s running start with the second track “Jungles”(my personal favorite track on the album). The music on the album carries a heavy 80’s New Wave influence, this can be done wrong or right… This album does it right, since is so great music you can take home and sing along with your best home karaoke system with family and friends.

The band who has toured in the past with Passion Pit, will be wooing the teen scene on the Vans Warped Tour this summer. Go check them out!

Check this album out if you like: MGMT, Passion Pit

High Points: “Jungles” ,”Exploring” “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails”, “Treasure Hugs” “Warrior”

Low Points: “Will I Ever Dance Again”

Full Track Listing:

1. Must Land Running

2. Jungles

3. Show Me Your Blood

4. Mystery In The Faking

5. Wil I Ever Dance Again

6. To Ribbons

7. My Leather, My Fur, My Nails

8. Pick & Choose

9. Starfriends On Earth

10. Treasure Hugs

11. Exploring

12. Warrior (Jungles Part 2)


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